Go TeamHenley!

Tom is in Mexico now - hopefully we can sell this, although maybe we
shouldn't be so hasty! (more pictures will be added when he returns home)

Ever wonder what Tom does when he goes to Alamos every winter?
Here are some of the latest results of his efforts.

There are new steps to the kitchen and "driveway" (below)

Several trees have been added to the courtyard 
Norice the rock work in the raised area on the right, too -
it used to be all grass and dirt

Portal (above) and upstairs balcony (below)

Views from the upstairs balcony:
(opposite directions; not sure if that's east-west, or north-south)


The wall that runs the width of the property (in the photo above and below), and the doorway to the rest of the property


The inside the property looking at the exterior wall (the road is on the other side)

The road, outside the brick wall, and stone wall to the end of the property.